Ghana’s biggest fashion event, Accra Fashion Week

The clothing brand is one of Ghana’s biggest household fashion names. They deal in menswear, womenswear and children’s wear.

Nallem”, a word from the Builsa language of the Upper-East Region of Ghana has an abstract meaning, conveying a sense of beauty, elegance and honor, qualities that form the essence of Nallem Clothing.

Nallem Clothing creates clothing for the urban professional; a combination of elegance, creativity and style embracing the essential elements of African culture and tradition, hence the slogan – The Confident Urge.

Nallem aims to grow into a global player in the fashion industry with outlets in major fashion cities across the globe, influencing seasonal collections, fashion trends, colours and playing a key role in establishing Africa’s presence on the international fashion scene.

To achieve this, the brand’s product line features clothing and fashion accessories such as hats, jewelry, wallets and bags for men, women and kids. Nallem takes pride in their unique designs crafted with quality fabrics and finished to perfection.

Nallem’s million is to be a global brand for clothing and fashion accessories. They design, produce and merchandise garments, fashion accessories and services. Key to the brand’s product offering is to design beautiful and very good quality clothing.

At the PayPecker Accra Fashion Week 2021, Nallem went strictly by its standards, showcasing one of the best collections of the night.

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Credit: Accra Fashion Week

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